on Guntersville Lake in Guntersville, AL

   Off season address: 3528 Clifford Dr.

   Metairie, La 70002

PENNY is married and has two children and five grandchildren.  She lives in Metairie, La with her husband Kenny.

BETH has two daughters and two grandchildren.  She works part time as the Franklin County Pre K Supervisor.  She is the owner of Nature Quest, an outdoor education program and the author of The Adventures of the Sewanee Angels.

"I had dinner with some CPC alumni last night & we all had so many funny camp stories to tell! Great summer memories from such a special place!"

"As the mom of two grown up Whitecaps and one Seagull I can say that CPC was one of and continues to be one of the highlights of their lives.  So many great friends and memories made!  We miss CPC and Mama Tag! [❤]"

                                               The Founder

Betty Petagna, also known as “Mama Tag,” grew up attending a summer camp for girls every year, a part of her life she treasured dearly.  Even as a child, Betty knew that one day she would send her own daughters to camp, enabling them to have the same experience that she did.  And, for many years, Betty’s six girls did just that, attending the same camp their mother did and developing a love for the experience it provided them.  In 1971, however, the owners of the camp closed their doors, forcing Betty and her daughters to seek out an alternative.  After much thought and consideration, Mama Tag decided that she would open her own camp, a move that would give not only her children, but also others, the opportunity to enjoy an action-packed, fun-filled, summer camp experience.

Mama and Poppa Tag's daughters Patty Mayeux, Penny McIntosh and Beth Charlton are the owners and directors of CAMP POINT CLEAR.  The Petagna sisters play an active roll during the on and off camp season. Besides recruiting, planning, and hiring staff, the sisters run the everyday activities at CPC.  

PATTY is married and has four children.  Patty lives in Summerville, SC and is a stay at home mom.


Thank you for taking my little camper at the last minute.  I was very surprised when she asked to go to camp. I really wanted to honor her request and Camp Point Clear is the only place I would have felt comfortable sending her.
She had an amazing time.  She talked the entire way home and told us everything.  The two things that really stuck out were that she said she was glad she went alone because she thought it helped her make more friends and "Next year, I'm going 3 weeks!".  This morning, she said she wasn't coming to work with me and she missed camp.
I hope you get a good rest.  Thank you so much for a wonderful experience!  It was so nice to see you again.  Your mom was a great lady and all of you are doing a beautiful job honoring her legacy!